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Abolishing the vehicle tax disc

vehicle tax discIt’s the end of an era as DVLA transfers road tax payments to an electronic system. From 1 October 2014, you’ll no longer need to display a paper tax disc in your car windscreen – although you do still have to pay!

Long gone are the days of queuing up in the post office with an MOT and insurance certificate. And now, also relegated to the history books is, for the anoraks among us, the thrill of collecting the multi-coloured expired discs.

Technology means that police can check online whether a vehicle is taxed without the need to glance through the window. However, this change involves major communication issues and it will be interesting to note how effectively the DVLA communicates and engages with police, traffic wardens and local authorities.

Presumably there will be a proactive campaign to explain to the public, although I haven’t noticed anything yet. There are an awful lot of ‘concerned citizens’ (or maybe ‘busybodies’) who look for ‘law-breakers’ who have an out of date or missing tax disk.

I’d be interested to hear if you have any thoughts or concerns about the way the DVLA handles major changes; feel free to email, or contact me here.

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